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The World Health Organization (WHO) asserts that protecting and improving children’s health is crucial. In fact, more than half of child deaths worldwide are due to medical conditions that could be easily prevented or managed given access to health care and improvements in their daily living.  

As a parent, you are responsible for interacting with healthcare professionals for your children’s health and well-being. When you keep their interests in mind, you’ll be able to make the best medical treatment decisions to ensure they are healthy on all levels. 

Supporting them also means knowing a range of health services and programs you can access to meet their physical, developmental, psychosocial and mental health needs. That said, your chosen healthcare facility matters. 

Playford Medical Centre’s qualified GP doctors and healthcare professionals specialise in a range of valuable services focused on maintaining or improving your child’s health and well-being. Your GP is available to treat all common medical conditions of your child and refer them to hospitals and other medical services as required.



Why Paying Attention to Your Children’s Health Matters 

Aside from maintaining an excellent foundation for growth and development, other reasons why you must pay attention to your child’s health include the following:  

  • To support brain development  
  • To establish healthy habits to prevent or manage illness  
  • To offer children nutritious meals to meet their health needs and give them the energy needed to concentrate  
  • To build positive relationships at home and in the community  
  • To have the motivation to explore and learn  
  • To build resilience in themselves  
  • To be better at eating, speaking, and focusing on learning  
  • To engage in age-appropriate amounts of physical activity in their daily routine  
  • To be educated on ways to avoid injuries


Access a Wide Range of Child Treatments at Playford Medical Centre 

Although your child’s height and weight are two of the most critical aspects of their physical health, you also need to pay attention to their brain development, eating habits, social and emotional well-being, active living, and safety and injury prevention, among others.  

Fortunately, Playford Medical Centre is here when you’re looking for an accessible and affordable family medical clinic near you. We can offer you a range of child treatments to help you treat and manage your child’s conditions.  

You can rely on us for any checkup, including skin checks, dental checkups, nutritional management plans, mental health treatment plans, or child immunisations. Our medical personnel guarantee that we will give your child the best medical treatment.



Excellent Medical Professionals at Your Service 

Here at Playford Medical Centre, we will support your children’s health and well-being at every stage of development. We have excellent medical specialists ready to provide you and your children with the high-quality medical support you need, including the following:  

  • Dietitians  
  • Pathologists  
  • Physiotherapists  
  • Psychologists  
  • Dentists  
  • Podiatrists  
  • Audiologists  
  • Physiotherapists  

You can book online or call 08 8101 3321. 

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