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Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and taking care of it is necessary to avoid signs of aging and protect it from cancer. Watching your skin for any changes that might indicate problems is especially imperative when you have a history of skin cancer in the family. Some of these changes may include skin spots, lesions, and the appearance of moles.  

If you have concerns about skin bumps, spots, freckles, or moles, please make an appointment for skin mole checks with a skin cancer clinic in your local area. Fortunately, Playford Medical Centre has a team of certified skin experts and other medical professionals trained and experienced in assessing, diagnosing, and treating skin cancers. We use updated clinical equipment to perform the necessary procedures so you receive an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible. 

Schedule a visit or appointment with one of our skin cancer professionals now! 

Why Get a Skin Mole Check? 

For the most part, moles are harmless. However, they can pose a danger, especially the types that can enhance the risk of skin cancer, exacerbated by sun exposure. In fact, a review study revealed that 20,000 skin cancer incidents demonstrated that 71% of skin cancers were developed from new moles while 29% were from preexisting moles.  

Warning signs of a skin cancer type known as melanoma—usually indicated by the emergence of unusual, new moles with irregular size, colour, shape, and texture—may be normal for you but can be malignant. This is why you must book an appointment for a regular skin mole check as a valuable way to prevent significant risks.  

A GP with the skill and experience in conducting surgical and non-surgical procedures for skin checkups can give you an accurate diagnosis, improving the chances of successful treatment. Typically, doctors specialising in treating melanoma will provide you with a detailed, full-body skin check and mole mapping. Make an appointment with a trusted doctor from Playford Medical Centre for a comprehensive skin mole check and other skin check services. 

Our Skin-Related Surgical Services 

  • Biopsy – This is a procedure we conduct to remove a piece of tissue or cell samples so we can test them in a laboratory. This way, we can determine whether you have skin cancer or another type of condition. 
  • Excisions – This surgical procedure requires cutting tools, such as a scalpel or laser, to remove a lump or other suspicious growth. 
  • Cryotherapy – Also called cryoablation, this surgical treatment involves using extreme cold to remove abnormal tissues to treat a range of skin conditions, such as warts, skin tags, prostate cancer, and liver cancer. 
  • Curettage – This is a cost-effective procedure of scraping off a skin lesion using a sharp blade called a curette. This method is used to stop bleeding and seal the wound. 


Skin Cancer Experts at Your Service Anytime, Anywhere! 

Playford Medical Centre has medical staff specialising in different medical fields, including checking moles for skin cancer for early detection and diagnosis. We commit to building positive relationships with patients within and beyond Playford. This is why we always strive to give you easy access to our services no matter where you live.  

We provide in-person and virtual consultations (especially ideal when you live very far from our centre) to provide easy access to our wide range of medical services. With our secure telehealth services, mole diagnoses will be more convenient, and we can easily schedule surgeries when necessary—all arranged in the comfort of your home. 

Suspecting You Are at High Risk of Melanoma? Consult Playford Medical Centre! 

We use advanced clinical instruments to conduct skin mole checks to detect signs of skin cancer and other skin conditions immediately. This way, we can recommend the most effective treatment for your case. Our highly trained and experienced GPs can perform skin flaps and grafts in addition to other skin-related surgical services when necessary.  

From skills to the latest technology and resources to provide the best possible comprehensive mole checks and effective diagnosis, we can professionally give you world-class service.  

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (08) 8101 3321 if you’d like to book an appointment. 

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