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Doctors and other healthcare providers usually care for patients in person at medical offices, clinics, or hospitals. While this works for some, other patients, especially those who live in remote areas or have limited mobility, want a more accessible and convenient form of consultation.  

Thanks to technological advancements and the rise of computers, smartphones, and other digital devices, virtual professional medical practitioners, also known as telehealth doctors, can now diagnose, treat, and oversee a patient’s virtual care with reliable and cost-saving telehealth services.

Telehealth Services Provided at a Location Convenient to You 

fPlayford Medical Centre has a team of telehealth or telephone doctors who deliver quality, comprehensive and timely patient care. We exist to help you overcome the barriers of distance and isolation if you live in a rural or distant area. Through technology, we offer a range of specialist services tailored to your healthcare needs, even at a distance from doctors and allied health professionals such as dermatologists, GP doctors, dietitians, podiatrists, physiotherapists, and nurses.   

From conducting medical visits over the computer to monitoring patients’ vital signs remotely, our doctors can provide a range of outcomes. These include online medical certificates, referrals to specialists or pathology, and prescriptions if you are unwell.

Benefits of Telehealth 

In light of the ongoing pandemic, the benefits of telehealth are becoming increasingly apparent as community members try to stay safe and healthy at home.   

A telehealth doctor’s appointment will serve you better than physical consultations in a clinic, hospital, or other Playford family medical facilities. Take a look at the following benefits of telehealth:  

  • Fast response times  
  • Highly trained medical professionals  
  • A convenient way to share symptoms  
  • Safe and secure two-way technology  
  • Easy booking process  
  • Travel-free consultation  
  • Cost- and energy-saving  
  • No risk of exposing others to your contagious condition  
  • No mobility or access issues, especially for people with chronic pain conditions 
  • Hassle-free prescription updates


Hassle-Free Virtual Appointment with a Telehealth Doctor from Playford Medical Centre 

Playford Medical Centre understands that it is sometimes difficult to access healthcare services when you need quick consultations to address health concerns. We have telehealth doctors available for consultations seven days a week, 365 days a year, including Christmas Day and New Year.  

Our expanding, close-knit team has been able to deliver thousands of online video consultations over the past few years. Backed by training and experience in the medical field, we know how to make it a smooth virtual experience for the patient and the telehealth doctor.


Services Our Telehealth Doctors Provide 

  • Dental  
  • Women’s health  
  • Work cover  
  • Adult and child immunisations  
  • Weight management  
  • Men’s health  
  • Children’s health  
  • Mental health plans  
  • Childhood vaccinations and more 

With our secure and purpose-built platform for virtual healthcare, you can have peace of mind that there is no risk of your personal information getting out; it will only be shared between you and your healthcare professional. 

You don’t need an in-person visit at a family medical clinic or hospital if you have any existing health concerns or issues. Just head to Playford Medical Centre, inquire about the availability of the medical professional you need, and make your consultation easy and travel-free, accessible, 7 days a week. Book online or call (08) 8101 3321. 

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